In June 2008, Gaia Iapetos S.A. signed a contract of 1st phase cadastral creation in Kifisia, Penteli, Nea Penteli, Nea Erithrea, Pallini, Anthousa, Pikermi, Marathonas, Nea Makri, Rafina, Dionisos, Rodopoli, Stamata of Attica County, Greece. The project related to the collection of owners' properties applications. The company created cadastral offices in any Municipality.

I worked in Gaia Iapetos S.A. from June 2008 since September 2009 as Chief of Cadastral Office for Municipalities Penteli and Nea Penteli. my main responsibilities are:

  1. Composition of cadastral team (survey engineers, lawyers, other employees)
  2. Office management
  3. The excellent operation of the office
  4. Risk management