Cadastre | KT-07

In January 2013, Ilida consultant's engineers Ltd signed a contract of cadastral creation in Ilion Municipality of Attica County, Greece. The project is separated in three stages. First stage is the cadastral process which includes survey measurements, GIS tasks, people RIGHTS auditing and deliveries. The first stage took one year. The second stage is about disclosuse the first stage processes to the owners and public sector, and the collection of owner's objections for cadastral elements. The third and final stage includes the suggestions about owner's objections and the anamorfosis of cadastral databases.

I worked in Ilida consultant's engineers Ltd from January 2013 since January 2014 as Cadastral/GIS Engineer. my main responsibilities are:

  1. Composition of cadastral team (survey engineers, lawyers)
  2. Quality Chief of spatial cadastral data and internal production flow
  3. Department Chief of cadastral data deliverables
  4. Cadastral Software support